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Here is one of my latest projects, eventually all these pieces will be a Nova Trooper Elite from the expanded Star Wars Universe. I guess this really shows the SciFi geek in me... As I progress with this I'll post photos. There will be a an equipment backpack and Heavy Blaster (DLT19) that I'll have to scratch build.
Wow that´s pretty cool!
Veeeeeery nice!!!!
Looking forward to seeing more on this.
Yep that looks impressive.
So lets see that bad boy on!
Still working on fitting it and waiting on the helmet kit. I figure in the next week after I have installed the 1/2 a mile of velcro, I should have the armor ready to go. That doesn't include the backpack and blaster.
Well, will be awaiting that preview.
I just finished painting the gold stripes on the arms. I'll probably clear coat them to even out the gloss. Now back to trying to get the rest of the armor to fit me...
Got all the major parts of the helmet together. Still need to decide if I want smoked lenses or green, add the HOVI mic tips on the front and Paint the gold stripes.
Helmet now complete. Back to the armor.
I love it!
Looking GOOD.

Is it ABS or Styrene? Looks like you did smoked eyes... Awesome. Did you make them? Any cooling system in the helmet? I have about 300 other questions but I'll stop here. :-) fun to chat with another costume builder!

P.S. If you are using sticky back Velcro I'd like to recommend the industrial strength type. The standard (non industrial strength) type has really performed poorly during my Cylon Centurion trooping career. Industrial strength - no troubles.
Hey Cylon Knight, It's ABS with an acrylic cladding that's why it's got such a nice shine on it.(At least that what they told me when I got the kit). I plan on putting a fan and voice changer inside the helmet. Your absolutely right about the the velcro thing, I already ran into the cheap stuff pulling off the armor pieces. The lenses where included with the kit. The only real problem working with black is that every little scratch or glue smudge shows up on it so you have to be extremely careful when working on it.
Yeah, black would be a pain... Try a mirror like chrome! lol I have my handler keep a rag on hand to rub off finger prints (something useful for lowly humans to do for us Cylons Wink ). In all perfect black you are really going to stand out among all the white standard troops - sweet.

I need a fan and voice fx unit yet too. A 1:1 sounding Cylon voice changer is still elusive for us hard core tin can builders. I've got a buddy working on something close. Powering it is the issue.

Say, have you heard from other TKs about using under armor (the sports wear) ? A friend of mine is making a Green Arrow costume and was telling me I should consider it for my Cylon. Seems like it would be a plus if it can keep a person cool as is promises.

A Stormtrooper would be next on my list if I get brave (crazy?) enough to do another costume... Watching your build with great interest! Thank you for sharing the updates with us.
I'm using a NeoSport Wetsuit Full Body Sports Skin. I't pretty light and is easy to get in and out of. I like it because it has loops at the feet so the legs don't ride up. It seems pretty tough too since I've been abusing it putting the armor pieces on and then pulling them off trying to get a decent fit.
This is what I have so far. Sorry about the dark photo, I'll try to get some better ones in the next few days. I still have a few pieces to do yet like the hands, and belt and on and on. I am having trouble with the ankles, I can't keep the lower legs in place and they cut into my ankles, very uncomfortable... I also need to keep trimming some spots because I can barely move...All in all... perhaps the most uncomfortable thing I have ever worn...
Ahhh... But remember, it is better to look good than to feel good! Wink And that looks GOOD! *high hive*

Started on your scratch builds yet - or still in the planning stage?

Thanks for posting up the new pics.
Thank you Cylon Knight! I'm still collecting the bits an pieces for the backpack. And I have most of the parts for an E-11 Blaster but Nova troops carry DLT-19 Heavy Blasters. I figured I'll practice on the smaller one before I attempt a 4 foot gun. I received the neck seal and shoulder pauldron today and they look really cool so as for the armor I now have all the pieces. I'm lucky my wife is a scifi geek like me and she puts up with all this.
Sick man, that looks sick.
(04-25-2014, 08:27 AM)JAWS Wrote: [ -> ]Sick man, that looks sick.

+100, the black and gold look awesome together on the suit. Very menacing!!
Here is my version of the backpack so far. Cobbled together with whatever I was able to come up with. I still need to find some tubing for the mortar and other greeblies . Then it'll get a coat of gloss black.
It is looking sharp.

I just replaced my kitchen faucet the other weekend and kept the plastic "bolts" that screw on the underside to tighten it down (from the old fixture). Greeblies are everywhere! Yes, My Cylon Battlestar WILL live up to the cliché that I used "even the kitchen sink" ... really.

Hoping you find gems like that for your Nova Trooper. Keep us posted on your work please.
Hey Cylon-Knight! Take a close look at the pack and see if you can find the Toilet float valve. The cylinders are scholl's foot powder bottles. The frame is an old military surplus backpack frame i got for five dollars.
Your trooper is amazing.

Any electronics? Fans or in the helmet for cooling? Or a voice changer/amp?

I hope you've had a chance to troop in it... you are going to turn some heads and see lots of camera flashes! Heck, I want to get a photo next to you in my Centurion outfit. We'd have such fun, just two evil villains out to blow stuff and and cause havoc... Good times! LOL Wink
Hey Cylon-Knight!

Thanks! That would be one cool photo of you and me! I do have two fans and a voice changer installed. Two micro fans mounted in the lower front portion of the helmet and powered by a nine volt battery. I really need to get twelve volts in there to get them running up to speed. I have the microphone mounted just behind the mouth slits, the speaker is mounted in the chest and I have a wire running up to my neck that plugs into the helmet. I'm still waiting on my 501st approval then i'll start trooping.
Where are your batteries located? My Cylon eye is powered by 9V in the helmet... However I'm thinking of re-wireing to have the power in my belt (as was done on the original costume, but I'd still sick to 9V).

Why? Convenience. The eye can consume a battery in a troop of two... And its always in that second one it is like *crap* it's out. I have to take off the helmet hope nothing gets screwy, gloves off, new battery IF I have one!!!!!! Everything is sweaty, etc.

In the belt would be so much better for my handler to switch out on the fly.

And, if you've not learned it with prior costumes. Bring LOTS of extra batteries. I had my rifle putter out before going on stage for my first costume contest. (It mustered up a few more lights with a quick unplug but it was dead after)... And then about 10 min after being on stage my eye ran out of power. DANG! Can't an evil Cylon get a break? Wink

The last episode of heroes of cosplay two people also had batteries putter out in line to go on stage... Aaaahhh
The batteries are located in the back of the the helmet, just one nine volt running two fans. It's just enough to get them going. I will probably build my own 12 volt battery out of some nMH batteries (rechargeable), the same kind I use in my RC airplanes. I have a lot of room in my back pack for just about anything so the batterie will go back there.
Just got my 501st approval! TX50413. See you on the battle field! Now back to building a model...