Full Version: Gold 3 Ywing paint test.
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Doing a bit of Archive-X paint testing on a little Bandai.
Been wanting to throw paint at the MOM Y for a while.

So far I've shot Reefer White, Yellow, then used Mud on the engine bands.

Before ILM shot the Mud, they have latexed up these bands, then applied Mud.
After this, they have heavily misted the bands with a grey.

I chose SP Light Lark for this purpose, but it could be reefer, it seems to change in various reference.

Only then is the latex removed. It' possible there is another latex layer over the Mud before the grey, bit at this scale im not getting too pedantic.

Anyway, just a bit of fun, be great to do this in studio scale, may have to pick a kit up someday.

A spot of weathering with rust and SP Light Lark grey. Light blue too, which is very apparent on the filming mini.
Still much tweaking to do but seems to work in these hues.
Excellent work at such a small scale!
Cheers Ron...Just a mess about till I do it in big scale.
A little bold right now but a lot of mistI and tweak to come.

Finding that sweet spot isn' easy. Saturating the image helped find a lot more going on with the underlying hues before weathering marks were added. A few scoff at this but it's a handy method to use. Now the hues are on I can work backwards to subdue them.

It’s impressive how well you scaled down the weathering effects. For me looking at the pictures it’s hard to tell if it’s 1/72 or studio scale. Please keep us updated.
Thanks. It's weird and just needs a lot of restraint on the airbrush is all, and a very low pressure setting.
I'll be laying down the same hues in studio scale this year so hopefully I can then take what I'm learning here, to the bigger model.

Nearly done. Few areas such as the Nacelle scorching I fudged up a bit, hard using and airbrush for all weathering apps at this scale, but it's how ILM did it, and to test the colors I had to go this route.
I'd be happy to carry these colous over to the prop though, I do feel the left wing and DFV tranny part may be primer though, but I'll list the colous I used later.

Very Nice! Your weathering job is superb!
Man that looks good . really balanced the weathering to the scale of the model. Like the looks of those A.X. paints too!
Man that just looks spot on.
Got my Paints from Guy, looking forward to test those as well.
Thanks lads. Yeah it was a bit of fun, glad to see more taking in the paint and trying something new.