Full Version: Alien Nostromo EVA suit build.
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I have been working on the MK 50 compression suit from Alien. i have been slowly getting it done. i have found most of the parts they used on the suit except a few. any help would be great. i know the used the space 1999 hawk and the mclaren m23 74 1/12th scale kits. i found one more part from the airfix RAF fuel truck kit. 1/72 scale. 

here is where i am at now. i have done a ton of work on the helmet since i took these pics but basically just did tons of alteration to get the back of the helmet smaller. 
[Image: th_20171214_123257.jpg]
[Image: th_20171214_123248.jpg]
[Image: th_20171119_153122.jpg]

i am currently looking for these parts so any help would be great. if you have an idea of what the detail used for around the viser please let me know. i have not found anything even close. 
[Image: 20729320_10155642847956340_4873292358919154013_n.jpg]
one this i found the top left corner one. it is a panel from the RAF fuel truck kit. 
[Image: 20769979_10155642849261340_2144437936496627184_n.jpg]
Struggling on those, top left pic (tubes) say Vosper to me, not sure. But also, might be worth looking in the Ford Tyrell ELF 1/12, as I can see the chassis pan on the lower right of the helmet.

thanks for the response. the vosper is close but the torpedoes are not it. they are too pointed. they look like some kind of tank and i still have not found anything close to grill circled.  here is better pic.
[Image: full%2043.jpg]
That "torpedos" look like some 1:72 compressed gas bottles.

For that circled part, it looks like a hatch from a pre WW-II US U-Boat.
Here a link to that kind of U-Boats i mean:
thanks, Turrican. I will check those out.
Part #2 in your first picture looks like a part from the Tamiya 1/35 Gepard.Not sure if the size matches up.

which part? i looked at the gepard kit and did not see it. the submarine hatch is a bust.
Part D-6.Not sure if the size matches up,but it looks the part?
AHHH. i think you are right. they modded it to match to mathc the rank pins the crew wears. but the bolt count is right from what i can see.