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Hey all.

I started IDing this model a few weeks ago, making great progress on mapping her out.
Only a few silly parts now remain to be found now, so we made a test print hull, thanks Marvin, to start trying most physical parts on.
It wasn't too far out, but the dims still needed adjusting in many areas based on donor part information.
To start to get a better understanding of the model as a whole, I've started to apply some of the more b grade castings to this hull, a handy ref tool if you will.
One kit for sure used on this model does come after the release of ROTJ, which is interesting in itself. Yet a single gun barrel Y was shot for the Endor Battle.
Its possible this was re-dressed in the case of the Propstore Y wing, but, it's all conjecture until concrete proof is supplied.
In any case, it's been fun to kick it all off, it's quite a cute yet fairly elaborate model as a whole.

A few more test castings applied. Cant wait for the new revised hull now and play with real parts 

Very kool.
Just the domes to pull, a makeshift cockpit and this V1 test is about ready to be shelved.
The new V2 hull should be underway by now, and I'll be starting on a new build, and master pattern.
This does adorn some slightly incorrect M5A1 parts purely as I dont wish to waste anything but off cuts I already have on this one. All other parts are waste resin casts, and just there to test out hull dims, so most of the plant on detail is now also in rubber.
Fun little thing, and I've now learned a lot on what to put right for the final builds, always good to have a physical dry run.

A makeshift rough as buggery, Jerry rigged cockpit to give it some size. The actual pattern will be quite different, just the domes to add and this one goes to bed and V2 will begin.

Finally started the V2 build. This is to be a master pattern for molding. Once the hull is complete, I'll move on to the engine cans, of which I'd like to mold/cast as a one piece tube, and just a membrane to scalpel out to fit.

What was wrong with V1?
Both look spot on.
Just needed some adjustments based on part fitment, few other areas were altered too, small changes that really improved it. The V1 is redundant now but was very handy in having a physical shape to figure a few things out.

Just the difference between “good” and “great” 😊
Indeed Marvin. It's all falling into place very well now.

Upper hull master now finished. Lower hull master isn't far behind now too. Some parts have been modded to allow a flush fit for molding ease, but should make an excellent base to jump off now.
Lower hull generic pattern now done. Few marks in the print to spot fill, but very happy with part fitment which is overall very close indeed. Off to the resin artist with these and I can work on the engine cans, I've missed using solvent, as binding these parts on with CA has been a chore.
Super clean, super sharp, wonderful work!
Wow - looking fantastic Lee. Lovely work as always!
Thanks so much both. The hull has been a journey between two of us, Marvin kindly loaned his hand to create firstly the original hull, based on my extensive donor research.
From that point, the V1 was then further tweaked to a V2 as I went along placing parts and assessing the fit. 
Still a few parts to find but it's been a very fun project, and this hasn't hampered the process of creating the masters, as the small missing parts can be added later easily enough.