Full Version: ROTJ Biker Scout Welding Droid.
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Dry fit progress so far. All going very well. The helmet will be molded, cast and offered.

Nice work Lee!
Is this a studio scale model?
Where was it used?
Return of the Jedi. It is an existing filming miniature yes, but was never filmed, only story boarded. Two were built, one from an MPC Vader Helmet, the other from an ILM Scout puppet helmet.
ROTJ Welding Droids now finished and in primer. Really a fun couple of builds. Really love them. Next up, Archive--X paint stuff as it's really good.😉
Looking really sweet.
Both welding droids now complete. Both are painted in Archive-X enamels, as well as using Liquitex inks for some weathering application.
Very fun models from start to finish.

Very sweet couple.