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Access all areas - JAWS - 10-16-2013


Studio Scale Modelers
This forum is home to a community of model builders who primarily specialize in replicating models used in filming movies and television shows.
Studio scale models are those that match the original size and configuration of the original filming model.
The forum contains a wealth of shared knowledge on kit parts, model building and painting techniques, reference photos and drawings, and other information to assist in building replicas.
Members post in-progress photos and descriptions of their projects to solicit feedback and share ideas.
Membership is open to anyone who shares an interest in studio models and/or building replicas.
Being a member does not require skill in model building or even building of models, but it does require participation on the forum.

studioscalemodelers now has areas not viewable by general public for modellers that actually build, research & share their work, ideas, reference & anything else associated with studio scale modelling.

Kit Scans, Reference & Research are only available to 'contributing' members.
Download of reference or anything on the site can only be done if you are a member.

If you would like to join the team of modellers actively working on everything to do with studio scale models you can.

Use the registration feature to sign upĀ & become a member of the community.

All new members must make at least 1 post in the, 'New Members Post Here' area & introduce yourself.

If you have any difficulties please contact me for assistance: