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struschie on board - struchie - 01-07-2018

Cheers Jason for my new account and hi everyone in this forum!
I‘m a sucker gor Ma.K. for now 10 years and the more I appreciated Kow’s Art, the more I found interest in studio scale modelling. On my way to recreate the cool Ma.K. stuff, I began to collect old plastic kits and realized (facebook helped a lot), these kits have been heavily used for the big SciFi movies I loved so much. I was born 1974 in  Germany and some of you might know me under my nick ‚struschie‘ in various social media.
I‘m more into collecting and connecting than into building or painting as I‘m easy to set on fire with new ideas - but that’s OK for me.

Again: Thanks Jason for reactivating my account - I hope this very post prevents me from being deleted again.

RE: struschie on board - JAWS - 01-07-2018

This will do it.
Welcome aboard.

RE: struschie on board - Ralphee - 01-07-2018

Welcome back H,  Smile


RE: struschie on board - Turrican - 01-09-2018

Hi Struschie, nice to see you here as well.